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Pepsi: "Party"

Pepsi keeps coming out with new concoctions of water and sugar that promise to taste more and more like regular Pepsi, without the need for exercise. Lump in a house party and voila!


Taco Bell: "Grandpa Goes Wild"

An old man, energized by what we can only assume is a potent cocktail of Doritos Locos tacos and Mountain Dew, bursts to life driving a blazing mobility scooter. He runs amuck on a football field.

Beck's: "Sapphire"

Fish love beer, especially serenading a bottle with smooth 90s Rn'B music. It's a known fact. This ad feels odd—like some marketing mastermind figured that kids who were 11 at the time the movie Finding Nemo came out are now old enough to drink.


Speed Stick: "Unattended Laundry"

This spot features an awkward laundromat situation with a dash of sexy edge. Apparently Speed Stick will keep you cool in these hot situations.

Volkswagen: "Get in. Get Happy."

You be the judge if this ad from Volkswagen is mildly racist toward Jamaicans (apparently everyone except Caribbeans think so). It features an office worker from Minnesota speaking in a Jamaican accent, telling coworkers to turn their frowns the “other way ‘round.” All thanks to the good vibes his shiny new VW Beetle provides, of course.

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