What could go wrong with crowdsourced dating advice? (and other stuff you missed)

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Geekiness is a trait that is often unfairly associated with unattractiveness. I might be biased, but I certainly think this doesn't have to be the case. For this Friday's GeekBytes, we're going to take a walk on the fashionable side. In fact, let's start with something you can walk in.

R2-D2 heels, now with added droids [Instructables]

Women looking to declare themselves card-carrying members of the Star Wars fan club may want to invest in these DIY heels. Built out of a standard pair of white shoes, an assortment of LEDs, a pair of repurposed sunglasses, a couple R2-D2 toy action figures, and a few other materials, these shoes will blink, flash, and make appropriate noises when, well, appropriate. If, for some reason, you become inspired to come up with a C-3PO version, you are totally required to tell us in the comments.

Let someone else determine your dates [Hack a Day]

Regardless of your age or gender, dating can be an absolutely terrifying experience. Given the growth of crowdsourcing, it sort of makes sense that someone would eventually come up with a website where they would livestream an encounter of the flirtatious kind and, well, acquire third-party advice. Some of the options apparently include informing the creator to smile more, disagree with the other person, laugh, or even ask particular questions. It's not a guarantee that the advice will be taken, but still.

Make your own brainwave-controlled cat ears [Make Projects]

Remember Neurowear's Necomimi? It's a pair of cat ears attached to a headset that could interpret your brain waves. It also will set you back a sizable $99.95 if you make the decision to pick up one of these. Ouch. If you already own a 3D Printer, however, there may be a somewhat cheaper alternative. A chap named Josh DiMauro is working on concocting his own Mindwave Cat Ears and while the instructions aren't quite solid just yet, there's enough information for you to get started.

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