The Death Star comes to Kickstarter (and other stuff you missed)

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The iron is dead. Long live the…cat. Yup, future versions of Monopoly will now include a cat play piece to replace the iron. If that has you in the mood to play some of the classic board game, we suggest you give your mid-week GeekBytes round-up a read first, as the battle for the Boardwalk can get a little long-winded....

US Government deny people a Death Star; the people take to crowdfunding [Kickstarter]

Despite what the U.S. government had to say, it seems people still want a Death Star defending Earth. A tongue-in-cheek Kickstarter project is proposing to make the dream a reality, without the help of any government. Those silly enough to back the project can do so from £1, and if you pledge £10 or more, you can have your name “etched onto the underneath of one of those MSE-6-Series repair droids.” The Kickstarter page states the project should be finished by 2015, but the page also notes that it’s “a joke and not a serious project.” Despite this, contributors have pledged over $190,000. [via Gizmodo]

Japanese Government trolls torrent users [Rocket News]

In a move designed to curb the use of illegal download services the Japanese government is placing fake files on torrent sites. Problem?

Known as "Operation Decoy File," the plan is to hide fake files in plain sight. The idea is that a user will search for an item and download the fake item, thinking they are getting what they want. Instead, they wind up downloading a message warning them to stop their illegal activity, with a gentle reminder of the fines and prison-sentences that thet could receive.

iPad stand brings tablet time to the toilet; we wish it didn't [Macgasm]

At CES, we spotted a solution for all-those toddlers who want to use an iPad whilst using the potty. Luckily for us grown-ups, there's also an equivalent for adults. Really. The frankly-absurd iPad Pedestal Stand doesn’t just hold your iPad for you to use while you're on the john: This multi-purpose device also holds your toilet roll. You can get the “elegant chrome” stand for just over $40, but that doesn’t mean you should.

Um, we'll see you tomorrow...

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