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This week we’ve got a lot of games about the future. Some are literally set in the future, others let you travel forward and backward in time and some just seem like a pretty cool future for games. All of them are free and fun to play.

Cathode Raybots

In the future all the TVs we shoot into space mutate and return to destroy us. We all saw that coming, right? Cathode Raybots is about the inevitable future war between mankind and robot TVs. The game’s one vs. one combat is entertaining by itself, but the real standout feature is how customizable the game is; everything, from your weapons to your character’s design to the level you fight it out on, is controlled by the player.


Adam is a puzzle game about time travel. You’ve got to move your time machine to different parts of the level to power up for your next jump, but each move you make complicates getting to the next zone since you’re not allowed to cross your own path without causing a paradox. As the number of zones in each area increases it gets harder and harder to avoid yourself and therefore certain doom.

400 Years

400 Years is a game about saving the world where your only weapon is patience. You play a living Easter Island statue with just 400 years to prevent a calamity. Your movements are limited, you walk slowly and can’t jump, but you do have one weapon in your arsenal: you can wait. Waiting lets you change seasons and watch things develop over years (and sometimes decades) that will let you progress in your quest.

Prism Panic

I assume that Prism Panic is a sci-fi game since you appear to be a little alien dude chasing a mysterious prismatic force. Truth be told though, I’m not totally certain what the game’s story is. I’m more sure of its genre since it’s a pleasantly polished platform game (I swear I didn’t plan that alliteration) with wall jumps and dashes letting you overcome numerous gaps and obstacles to somehow save your world.

Smash Da Gas

Smash Da Gas doesn’t actually have anything to do with the future as a game (unless you come up with a REALLY elaborate backstory on your own) but a 3D racing game playable entirely within your browser sounds pretty futuristic to me. Sure it’s not likely to replace Grand Turismo anytime soon for racing game purists, but it is an impressive display of in-browser gaming nonetheless.

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