DIY TV Loudness Guard keeps ear-splitting commercials at bay


Among the many reasons that television commercials suck is the ridiculous volume increase that often goes along with them. Just when you’re settling in for a Gilmore Girls marathon, the volume goes up three decibels and you’re so startled that you spill the Haagen Dazs everywhere.

In the do-it-yourself fashion we love at GeekTech, Instructables’ techbitar put together an Arduino-based device called TV Volume Loudness Guard. As the name suggests, it vigilantly listens to the volume output of your television and notices when the volume jumps above a certain level (set by you). Then, it instantly sends a “volume down” remote control message to the TV and tames that used car ad without you even getting out of your chair.

Once the volume drops below an acceptable level, the Volume Loudness Guard turns it back up again so the volume remains consistent.

Techbitar offers a step-by-step tutorial of that describes the process, and explains in detail how you can put Volume Loudness Guard to use in your own home. To make it even clearer, a short video on the Instructables page shows the device in motion and a little bit of what goes on under the hood, software-wise.

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