SiriProxy lets you control almost anything in your home from your iPhone

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Put a cool new technology in front of a community of intrepid geeks and, before you know it, they’ll band together to make them do jobs which were never originally imagined for them.

GitHub user plamoni has stepped forward to marry Apple’s Siri technology with the Raspberry Pi mini-PC in a project called SiriProxy. When combined with some plug-ins fromYouTube user “Elvis Impersonator,” SiriProxy makes a hell of a home-management system.

Elvis Impersonator offers a video of himself dictating commands to Siri on his iPhone, controlling features such as the garage door, television channels, thermostat, house lights, home alarm and security cameras.

Getting this working is no beginner’s job: While SiriProxy itself is quite straightforward, getting it to talk to your house requires a number of steps and more-than-the-average-iPhone-user’s understanding of how to hack software. That having been said, the potential is exciting. SiriProxy could empower elderly or disabled people to easily take charge of difficult or exhausting tasks in their own home; this may be especially useful if they happen to be bedridden.

It’ll be interesting to see as Siri grows and evolves (and maybe one day is no longer in beta) whether or not SiriProxy will be able to leverage that growth to do more and more amazing things. After all, everyone who’s seen Iron Man wants a Jarvis of their own, don’t they?

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