SpiderSense lets you be a superhero; no radioactive arachnid required

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Victor Mateevitsi

University of Illinois computer science grad student Victor Mateevitsi may have made the coolest thing yet: He created a suit that gives its wearer a real life version of Peter Parker's spider senses.

Aptly named SpiderSense, the suit contains small, microphone-riddled robotic arms capable of relaying and receiving ultrasonic reflection. If the ultrasound detects movement, the suit will then exert pressure on your body, thereafter alerting you if someone is approaching.

The suit has been tested, of course. According to what Victor told New Scientist, his test subjects—who were blindfolded before they were made to deal with people tossing cardboard stars at them—reported that they were able to sense someone approaching "ninety five percent of the time." Unfortunately, it doesn't let you shoot spiderweb from the palm of your hand—yet.

Due to be presented at the Augmented Human conference in Stuttgart, Germany, Victor's SpiderSense has practical applications as well. Victor hopes to use the suit to boost cyclists' awareness of traffic, and to possibly assist the visually impaired as well.

Here's hoping he makes something to augment one's abilities too!

[Victor Mateevisti via Discovery News]

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