MYO gesture control wristband may let you look like a Jedi; no Force required

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People making air-pistols while playing Gears of War, people giving advancing through a PowerPoint presentation with a sweep of the hand, people controlling all-terrain robots with mere gestures: This is the future that MYO wants to give us. MYO, a gesture control device that lives on your wrist, could make you the Jedi (or as close to it as possible) you've always wanted to be. Or can it?

Currently available for preorder, the wrist-riding MYO will apparently work straight out of the box with all the things we currently have. Presentations? Video games? Music creation? Check, check and check. According to its creators, MYO plays nicely with both Windows and Mac OS X, and it will have APIs that will allow iOS and Android integration.

How would it work? Through muscle activity: It apparently can detect electrical activity in your muscles instantly. Though MYO's makers have hinted that the device will be extremely precise, we won't put our money on it just yet. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

Motion controllers aren't something that the industry is terribly fantastic at just yet. Even with existing controllers like the Kinect and various accelerometer-dependent devices, fine control of the level promised by the MYO is still a tricky thing, something that makes me want to eyeball the upcoming device warily.

That said, if it does work as advertised, MYO might be the best thing since sliced bread.

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