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Profiles is on my top-five list of must-have Android apps (along with CalWidget, which was created by the same developer team, Egg 'n Stone). It lets you quickly and easily change the basic settings on your phone. The tool works the same way as the profiles function does on many other cell phones, allowing you to customize and change your phone's modes on the fly.

For example, if you wanted to create a silent profile, you simply open that profile and customize its basic settings. You can then edit the profile name, icon, ring volume, notification volume, multimedia volume, voice volume, alarm volume, ring/notification tone, screen brightness, screen time-out, Bluetooth settings, and auto sync.

In the silent profile, I turned off the volume for everything except the alarm so that I won't be disturbed by callers while I'm sleeping but the alarm will still wake me up. If I wanted to set up a profile for use outdoors, I would probably turn all the volume settings up to full blast and crank the screen brightness all the way up.

When I select the profile I want, it loads up the custom settings. The app comes with several preset profiles, as well, which you can edit or add to.

Once you launch Profiles, the icon of your current profile displays in your phone's notification bar. To switch between profiles you can simply drag the notification bar down, or take an even easier approach: Use one-touch shortcuts that you create on your desktop. On my desktop, I have icons for Normal, Vibration, and Silent. I just tap the one I want, and the phone switches to that mode.

Profiles is as reliable as you could hope for. It doesn't offer location-aware profile switching as some other apps do, but I've never been able to trust location-aware switchers anyway. The feature I'd like to see added is to have Profiles start automatically when your phone boots up. As of now, you have to boot up the handset and then launch the app manually. That feature (plus some prettier icons) would make the difference between 4.5 and 5 stars.

The app is free, too, so there are plenty of reasons to grab Profiles. It could prevent an incoming call from embarrassing you at your child's next clarinet recital.

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At a Glance
  • The free and highly recommended Profiles app lets you customize your phone's settings modes and access them easily.

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