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I missed this on Saturday, but you probably shouldn't: Kmart's running a game clearance sale from August 8th (Sunday) through August 14th (Saturday) and they're not fooling with the usual chintzy $5 or $10 price cuts just to get you in the store.

For instance, the original Wii which sells for $199.99 has been slashed to to $149.99. No, Kmart's quick to note it's not the recently debuted bundled with Wii Sports Resort and the Motion Plus add-on, but at $50 off, they're spot on to call it "a great value." (The Motion Plus only works with a handful of games, anyway, and you'll want Wii Sports as well as Wii Sports Resort, when you eventually opt to upgrade.)

The Xbox 360 discounts are less enticing. The original Xbox 360 Arcade drops just $20, from $149.99 to $129.99. You'll talking about the version without a hard drive, a peewee 256MB memory unit, and...okay, Viva Pinata and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts aren't bad as pack-in games go, but you'll spend twice as much eventually upgrading this thing if you ever decide to buy a hard drive or the USB wireless LAN dongle.

It gets a little better if you're up for an original Xbox 360 Elite, previously $249.99, not $199.99. It's not as sexy as the new slimline black model, only includes a 120GB hard drive, and you'll still pay $100 to upgrade to wireless, but if you don't care about any of that and want to save $100 (the recently made-over 250GB model with wireless goes for $299.99) it's not a bad deal.

And if you live somewhere the general populace is dead to video games, you might be able to get your fingers on the Final Fantasy XIII, Splinter Cell Conviction, or Modern Warfare 2 'Super Elite' bundles, which used to go for $349.99, but which Kmart's now willing to part with for $279.99.

Last and sadly least, given recent plunges in monthly unit sales, Sony's PlayStation Portable is going for $129.99 (regularly $199.99), bundled with either Ratchet and Clank or Hannah Montana.

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