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Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2

I don't know about you, but when a publisher like LucasArts kills a version of a game whose predecessor sold some 7 million copies total, I'd say things are looking pretty bleak for the platform getting scrubbed.

It's no joke, LucasArts told IGN it's quashed plans to bring Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II to Sony's PSP video games handheld. The game was on track to ship for the PSP along with PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS, and iPhone versions on October 26th.

No more, and while LucasArts hasn't said why, it's well in the realm of educated speculation to guess it has something to do with PSP sales. Check out NPD retail PSP unit sales (compared to Nintendo DS unit sales) since January 2010.

01/10 - PSP = 100k, DS = 422k
02/10 - PSP = 133k, DS = 613k
03/10 - PSP = 120k, DS = 701k
04/10 - PSP = 66k, DS = 441k
05/10 - PSP = 59k, DS = 384k
06/10 - PSP = 121k, DS = 511k

By my tally, that's about 600k PSP units sold year-to-date, versus nearly 3.1 million Nintendo DS's.

My bet: Sony's planning to limp the PSP through the holidays (its PSP-related E3 announcements were definitively lackluster) then put whatever comes next up against Nintendo's 3DS at some point next year.

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