Surface tablets, big screen TVs will be good buys in March

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Surface tablets, Ivy Bridge laptops, and big screen HDTVs will be attractive buys for bargain hunters in March.

Although Microsoft's Surface RT tablet is only a few months old and its Windows 8 sibling Surface Pro even younger, price slicing has already been observed by bargain hunter site DealNews.

microsoft surface pro
Surface Windows 8 Pro

In February, some retailers shaved as much as $75 off the price of both tablets. Things will only get better in March.

"[W]e expect March to ring in similar and perhaps more aggressive Surface deals as more retailers begin to stock these machines and compete for your dollar," DealNews predicted.

Since the Surface tablets are priced to make large profits for Microsoft—one estimate is that a Surface RT costs $300 to build and its list price is $500—so Microsoft probably has room for discounts.

Laptop shoppers, too, can expect to see low pricing trends in that category continue in March. Traditional notebooks with Intel Core i3 processors can be found for around $340 and if you need more performance, look for portables with Core i5 chips selling in the area of $440.

TV and console bargains due

If you're yearning for a 3D HDTV, low-ball trends will continue in March. The best deals will be on last year's models, as might be expected.

For example, 2012 model 55-inch HD 3D TVs have been spotted selling for $750. That's $50 under what they were selling for in January and better than even the best Black Friday deals last year, according to DealNews.

panasonic 3d tv
Panasonic 3D TV

Flat screen 3D TVs haven't exactly grabbed the public's imagination, and those price declines reflect that.

However, better 3D technology is on the way, like the Ultra-D 2160p set showcased at CES earlier this year. The product promises to address two nagging problems with existing sets: the need to wear goofy glasses and a dearth of content.

Ultra-D removes the need for special glasses through a combination of hardware, firmware, and software. It can also turn 2D content into 3D content.

Good deals are also to be had on 2D 55-inch models. You should be able to find them selling in the $550 to $650 range.

Want something bigger? Sixty-inch LCD models will also be selling at attractive prices in the $848 to $900 range.

Another trend expected to continue in March are low prices on some of Panasonic's top-rated plasma TVs, especially the VT50 and GT50. As Panasonic's new models start arriving on store shelves, retailers will need to move those older models and you can be a beneficiary of that retail necessity.

New models prompt cuts

sony playstation 3
Sony Playstation 3

Now that Sony has announced the next version of its gaming console, the PlayStation 4, pricing on its predecessor should start declining.

However, since Sony hasn't announced a firm date for when it will start taking orders for the PS4—it could be as late as June—how fast PS3 prices will decline remains uncertain.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

DealNews notes that price slashing in the 60 to 64 percent range has been seen in the past when a new gaming console hits the market. Those kinds of discounts, though, probably won't be seen in March.

Now that the World Mobile Congress has closed up shop and smartphone lovers salivate over the coming new models, the less novelty afflicted will be able to find deals on older handsets.

Look for "free" deals, with a two-year contract, for older models, and keep a sharp eye on price reductions on the Samsung Galaxy S III following the unveiling of the S IV on March 14.

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