Art from the FInal Frontier (and other stuff you missed)

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Happy Monday! And we’re not just saying that in case you’ve got a case of the Mondays. It’s been a super eventful day between the Assassin’s Creed IV announcement, the Gizmodo show, and the White House is in favor of allowing consumers to unlock all sorts of devices. And that doesn't even touch on what we’ve got in today’s GeekBytes—there’s even more news that you might have missed.

4D printing will make shapes all by itself [TED]

You think 3D printing is still cool and modern, but it's already outdated according to MIT's Skylar Tibbits, who talked at a recent TED conference about 4D being the next step in printing objects. In this case, the fourth dimension is not time, but the way future printed materials will be able to change shape over time.

Soaring in the sky with an umbrella [Gizmodo]

Marry Poppins famously used umbrellas to fly around. Meanwhile, Looney Tunes characters debunked the idea that you can even use these rain shields to slow down a fall on numerous occasions. Erik Roner puts finally puts all these umbrella myths to the test by skydiving from a hot air balloon with one. Wheeeeee...

Who said Star Trek can’t be artsy? [Laughing Squid]

Beam Me Up was a Star Trek-themed group art show in Los Angeles that just wrapped up over the weekend. In case you missed it, Laughing Squid has pulled together a mini-gallery of some of the art that was there. If you think any of these prints would look great in your nerd cellar, you can look and buy the rest of these creations from the Q POP shop.

Goats yelling like humans super-cuts [YouTube]

In case you missed the whole goat-yelling fad, here’s a super-cut compilation…or two.

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