Separate your Oreo cookies like a pro with this machine

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Screenshot: Oreo/YouTube

Like a lot of people, we at GeekTech are kept awake at nights worrying about whether or not our Oreo-separating needs are ever going to be taken seriously. Enter Minnesotan toy scientists Barry Kudrowitz and Bill Fienup. The two have poured their hearts into creating a device that could have a lot of impact on your cookie-eating lifestyle.

The Oreo Separator, like all good inventions, was born from necessity: Kudrowitz wanted more cookie, and Fienup wanted more cream. The device takes a stack of Oreo cookies down a chute and carefully pushes the top off and into the waiting mouth of whoever happens to be ready to receive it.

From there, the device heats up the exposed creamy center until it’s softened enough to then blast into the face of the one who’s hankering for it (okay, so maybe hot Oreo cream in the face isn’t ideal). The process is completed with the final cookie wafer being ejected so it can be consumed as well.

The two have put together an amusing video that follows the process of creating and using the Oreo Separator, and shows how complex the little machine really is. Reportedly taking seven nearly-sleepless days to build, the machine isn’t intended for general consumer use…but that’s probably OK. Bill Fienup is ready to take atomized Oreo cookie filling in the face so you don’t have to.

The only question remaining: Would it be able to handle the Oreo Mega Stuff?

[YouTube via Geekosystem]

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