This may be the most fitting SimCity review so far (and other stuff you missed)

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a very long day. The best cure for weary geeks after days like these is a plethora of links to funny videos and articles, so that’s exactly what we’ve gathered up for today’s GeekBytes. Maybe by the time you finish reading, it will finally be your turn to play SimCity!

The most accurate SimCity review you’ll read all week [Jonathan Cresswell]

If you’ve been keeping up with the launch of the newest iteration of the extremely popular SimCity series, you know that EA is having more than its fair share of troubles allowing players to actually play the game. Players have to wait as much as an hour to log on to the servers to play what has traditionally been a single player game series, and EA announced that it will temporarily remove some features from the game in order to decrease pressure on the servers.

Combine all of this, and GeekTech contributor Jonathan Cresswell’s review might be the most accurate description of the current SimCity gameplay experience.

Cat + science = still really darn cute [YouTube]

What happens when you plop a kitten in front of an optical illusion? It attacks, of course! Popular Science does point out that a cat will leap at nearly anything, so even if it is not actually witnessing the moving snakes illusion, it might still just leap at a stationary, brightly colored piece of paper. Oh, cats. [via Popular Science]

This makes me worry about Google Glass [YouTube]

Google Glass won't be available for several more months, but the potential uses for the wearable computer are troublesome. YouTube user DartonianLondon has cooked up a first date scenario in which a particular inept man makes less than ideal use of the glasses. [via TechCrunch]

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