A taste of tech Texas-style at SXSW

Here's a quick look at the 2013 Austin, Texas, geeky techfest.

From the expo floor to 6th Street

AUSTIN, TEXAS— South by Southwest Interactive is such a massive tech conference with so much activity and many ideas being thrown around at once that it can be hard to get an overall feel for the Austin, Texas, extravaganza using just words.

Having a familiarity with the technology helps, but at this year's show, no single technology, start-up or industry issue stood out. For new technologies on the scene, breaking through the noise was tough.

But there were plenty of photographic moments that easily caught our eye. Here are a few of the best from the conference, which finishes today and attracted upwards of 40,000 participants.

3D-printed sculpture

Designed using Autodesk Mudbox software for digital sculpting, this sculpture is called "Turtle Barbarian" and was created for a competition in 2011 by artist Jesse Sandifer.

Hardware in full force

Unlike recent SWSX experiences where software or mobile apps dominated, hardware was big at this year's conference.

Who is that masked vendor?

Companies that exhibited on the SXSW exhibit hall floor, including social translation platform Flitto, vied for visitors' attention with masks and costumes.

Great live music everywhere

Live music at SXSW could be enjoyed from any location as the city is a hotbed for musicians.

Here, a band plays for patrons at Bat Bar on 6th Street in Austin.

MakerBot's 3D printer

This printer turned blueprints that were designed using an app from Autodesk into 3D-printed figurines.

Beam videoconferencing on wheels

Suitable Technologies' Beam videoconferencing unit on wheels attracted plenty of attention.

The company builds mobile units they call remote presences, which allows an employee working remotely to interact and even walk with his or her managers and team leaders back at the home office.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere at SWSX

Who's ever said 'no' to free beer?

Ebyline, an online marketplace for freelance journalists and publishers, sought to curry favor among attendees via free drinks and beer pong.

Lines, lines, everywhere

Lines snaked through nearly the entire convention hall for several keynotes. These folks were waiting for a speech by SpaceX founder Elon Musk.

Wooing with music

Many companies drew in attendees with music. Napk-in, a social networking app for food recommendations, put its players in chef suits and aprons.

Marketers maintain large presence

Marketers and sponsors, including Oreo who hosted a tweeting competition, were everywhere at SXSW.

Other big-name companies like AT&T, American Airlines and Chevrolet had tech-themed booths at the convention.

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