Check out National Geographic's photo vault (and other stuff you missed)

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Today we’re a just a couple of life-sustaining minerals closer to proving there was life on Mars. It’s a great day for astronomers, StarCraft II players, and Battlefield-ers. If you’re none of those…well then, we’ve got more news from around the web that might tickle your interest.

Ben Heck’s Ultimate Combo Gaming System [Element 14]

Intrepid hardware modder Ben Heck is working on his most ambitious console mod to date. In a three-part series, Ben plans to cobble together a PlayStation 3, an Xbox 360, and a Wii U into a single HDMI-switching package. This week, Ben took apart the three current generation systems to give us a look at how they tick on the inside.

Torturing Peeps gets creative [Louisville Hackerspace]

Easter is just around the corner, which means it time to go out and buy everyone’s favorite anatomically similar puff-based treat, Peeps. While most of us are just happy with biting off their fake bird or rabbit heads first, a group of scholars are getting creative with the Enhanced Peeps Interrogation Conference. If you thought Dark Zero Thirty made you question torture…well, we don’t really know how you’ll feel about water-boarded bunny-shaped marshmallows or the old James Bond laser cutter that actually worked.

National Geographic begins posting 125 years of photographic history [Tested]

National Geographic is famous for taking some of the best photos around. To celebrate the magazine’s 125th anniversary, National Geographic archivists have started a new Tumblr blog, aptly named Found, that’s dedicated to images lost in time or have never been published before.

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