Fourth Borderlands Add-On Coming in September

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Viva La Robolution

The Borderlands downloadable content keeps flowing, kind of like the rain currently pummeling the street out my office window. The latest expansion for Gearbox's off-earth shooter, dubbed Claptrap's New Robot Revolution, will be available in September. Maybe I'll have to finally download a copy of the game, then, while I'm waiting for today's surprise sky-soak to bleed off.

Borderlands surprised pretty much everyone, a co-op angled game without a brand or memorable marketing campaign that went on to sell over 3 million copies by February 2010. It's basically a shooter with a few no-frills roleplaying elements that has you completing mini-goals as you bang around the planet (called Pandora). Weapons and rewards are randomly generated, turning it into a kind of sci-fi themed, first-person Diablo. Everyone I know who's sat down and played it can't stop talking about it.

The last three expansions added zombies, riot arenas (for big-reward boss fights), raised level caps, and introduced new enemies, weapons, and quests.

Claptrap's New Robot Revolution weighs heavy on questing, asking players to put down a revolution as one of four "infamous vault hunters." This foursome stumbles into the midst of a civil war between "the Hyperion Corporation's well-armed armadas and the ever-amassing army of homicidal Claptraps led by one of the most eagerly awaited characters in the franchise's history--the cunning Ninja Assassin."

"As vault hunters, players must put aside their past differences with the Hyperion Corporation, namely the organization's repeated attempts to wipe them from existence. For a hefty payday, they will join forces to help beat down the mechanical uprising and thwart the dastardly kung-fu expert, the Claptrap known only as Ninja Assassin."

"A year ago Borderlands was an untested brand that through hard work and a lot of passion, turned out to be one of the best-selling, claptastic and skagtacular games we have ever created," said 2K games president Christoph Hartmann in the press release. "A year later, we are releasing our fourth DLC installment, Claptrap's New Robot Revolution, which illustrates our enthusiasm for creating highly entertaining content that enhances a franchise.

"In addition to serving as the perfect bookend to the original game, what gamer doesn't love a kung-fu-wielding Ninja Assassin Claptrap with nunchuck skills?"

Drilling on details, the expansion promises 20 new missions, "tons of fresh enemies, including original boss battles," the option to earn an additional 10 skill points (bring the total up to 71), and three additional backpack slots.

Expect to pay 800 Microsoft Points via Xbox Live or $9.99 for the PlayStation Network and PC versions.

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