iPhone bubble-wrap case will have you popping all day

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Pop, pop, pop.

No, really. You're reading that right. The Japanese did actually come up with a bubble wrap iPhone case. However, that's not the incredible bit. What's amazing is that it took so long for someone to capitalize on the world's fondness for that ubiquitous layer of protection because, honestly, how could this have gone wrong?

Retailing for a not-quite-exorbitant 2100 yen (that's $21USD) on Strapya, this iPhone 5 case is a definite improvement on the packaging that inspired it. Unlike actual bubble wrap, this iPhone 5 bubble wrap can be 'popped' till the arrival of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

No more will you have to stare inconsolably at a flat piece of plastic after you've completely robbed it of its purpose in life. You can just keep on popping! Now, how is that for innovation? The case is composed of four layers: the actual casing, a squishy 'bubble' layer, push buttons and a 'sound layer' that emits that much-coveted noise.

Would you spend 21 bucks on something like this or would you rather purchase something of the edible variety to ensure you'll never have to worry in case of a food shortage again? Let us know in the comments!

[Strapya via RocketNews]

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