This Lego Apple II+ is a must-build project for any vintage computer fan

Chiu-Kueng Tsang/Flickr

Every now and then, a remake is better than the original. In the geek world, that happens to be when someone rebuilds an old computer—but in Lego.

Chiu-Kueng Tsang made a Apple II+ replica out of Lego, guts included. His build has everything, from the removable top to access the computer’s innards to two big floppy disk dives and retro Apple logo stickers.

I like how the screen is made out of several clear bricks. Better still, all the components you’d expect inside a computer are well represented with little bricks. Even the keyboard is a good reproduction. And hey—it has the floppy drives, too!

If this doesn’t take you on a nostalgia trip, I don't know what will: It certainly makes me want an Apple II series computer. Heck, I even want this Lego version over the real one, even though it probably would be much use.

As his Brickself gallery suggests, Chiu-Kueng happens to be rather talented with Lego bricks. You can check out all the Legos Apple II+ photos on Flickr.

[Flickr via Gizmodo]

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