Cats could have delivered your mail (and other stuff you missed)

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Fancy cat is fancy. ಠ_ರೃ

March Madness has officially started, and if you’re worried about missing any of the college ball action, we have a handy guide on putting the games on your phone or tablet . Now that’s done. here are some other news items you might have missed.

This ring burns you when you forget an anniversary []

Forgetting an important date should be nearly impossible these days, what with with reminders from your phone, tablet, and computer, as well as your old fashioned paper calendar. But if you still need that extra nudge, look no further than the Remember Ring. For a mere $760, you can feel a 120-degree Fahrenheit ping directly on your finger for every forgotten birthday, anniversary, or some other important date.

Look—it’s a cat in your mailbox! [Boing Boing]

Come for the cats, stay for the 19th-century New York Times article about a Belgian Society initiative to use domesticated mail delivery cats. It’s jam-packed with old-timey sayings like “inviolate” and calling cats “so swift and discreet a messenger.”

This do-hickey will check your car's oil for you [Autoblog]

The Lubricheck is a $40 device that will check on the age of your car's oil, and will tell you when you need to change it. If you’ve ever been unsure about oil life estimates or looking at how dark the oil on your dipstick is, the Lubricheck will actually measure the level of contaminants your vehicle's motor oil. According to Autoblog, the device was spot-on when checking on the oil quality of a few cars, a lawnmower, and a pressure washer.

BeBionic 3 is the coolest and freakiest prothestic hand ever [The Awesomer]

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the BeBionic3 robotic hand. Nigel Ackland has a new video showing some of the finer points of using his robot hand from tying his shoelaces to dealing out a deck of cards. He also makes a point to show that these videos are not fake at all.

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