Free Game Friday: Weeklong roguelike challenge

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Roguelike games, defined by their high degree of difficulty and randomly-generated loot and enemies, are seeing a resurgence lately—games like Binding of Isaac and FTL remix the tried-and-true Rogue formula and bring a lot of indie attention to the genre in the process. This week we’ve got 5 games from the recent 7 Day Roguelike Challenge, where devs had just one week to make an original roguelike.

Depths of Tuzua

Depths of Tuzua is a multiplayer rougelike that—for the moment—doesn’t have enough multiple players. Sure, for a roguelike the drops are kind of monotonous (I only ever got potions) and the inventory system is annoying to use (you have to click on items constantly to use them) but the moment another player appeared on my screen it became one of the best roguelikes I played all day. If you can get a friend or two to join you Tuzua becomes a fun (if simple) roguelike.

Double Rogue

Double Rogue seems like it ought to be a big bundle of gimmicks that don’t add up into a complete game. It’s a roguelike where you play on the outside of a 3D level as a token that flips its way from square to square. The two sides of your token are two separate characters with their own stats and health bars and whichever one is face up when you fight an enemy is the one doing battle. All of this should be a mess but instead it forces you to put more strategy into your movements, flipping over corners and making strategic retreats to do battle with one character instead of the other or making sure the right side of your token picks up a much needed power-up.


24Killers is the Rogue formula applied to Guess Who. There are 24 monsters and one of them is out to kill you. You can question each of them but if you question your killer it’s game over. Once you think you have enough information you can switch to killer mode yourself and try and take out your killer before they get you. You only get three guesses though before you’re thrown out of the party for excessive murder.


Hunted looks like a traditional roguelike with a twist: there’s only one enemy. Inspired by Alien, Hunted sees you chased around a spaceship by a single foe that’s much stronger than you are, and you have to evade it until you can gather enough power-ups to take it down. The fact that there’s only one alien should make the game easier, but instead it makes every enemy encounter incredibly tense.

Gelatinous Cube

Gelatinous Cube is another roguelike with only one monster, but this time the monster is you. You play as a gelatinous cube that has to chase down and eat the party of adventurers that has invaded your dungeon. Every step you take lowers the amount of slime you have left, but it also leaves that slime on the ground where your foes will get stuck, allowing you to capture and consume them.

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