Ego Smartmouse puts other input devices to shame

While new, alternative input methods have become quite popular, it seems few have bothered to take a second its at the humble desktop mouse. London-based Laura Sapiens has taken that second look, and its Ego Smartmouse (funding through April 12) is the result.

The Ego works as an ordinary—if stylish—wireless mouse, but at any point you can lift the device and begin controlling the cursor by waggling, pointing, and gesturing as if holding a Wiimote. These capabilities are far from new, but the Ego bundles them with a slew of functions built around the connection it forms with your machine.

Each mouse features a 2-, 4- or 8GBs of storage capacity (dependent upon the version you chose) that automatically presents itself as a regular folder on your computer when synced. The files you transfer to and fro can then be carried with you, on the mouse, off to another machine. Following a press of a button and quick scan of a QR-code, the Ego syncs to and commandeers its new target, again offering mouse control and information sharing. With password-less access to your favorite sites, storage of browsing and configuration settings, and remote blocking of your mouse’s sharing via the designer’s website, the mouse allows you to safely carry your computing identity with you.

Marketed also as a development platform, the Ego features an embedded accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, VGA camera, and a touch surface to be tinkered with. Users will be given the opportunity to create software for the Ego to their hearts’ content.

The aforementioned capacities are available for £100 (white or black), £110 (six basic colors), and £120 (six basic colors), respectively, with the 8GB option existing in limited supply. If you act quickly, you can snag a £85 early bird 2GB mouse. If you’re interested in hopping into development, £150 will grant you reserved access to the API. Having recently reached the initial funding goal, Laura Sapiens set a secondary milestone of £25,000, which has also been met. As a result, the company promises to double the memory capacity of each model for all contributors. The company expects to ship the first batch in June, along with Windows software. Mac software should follow in July.

Confidence level

Laura Sapiens is a five-year-old company with little behind its name, save the work it’s put into the Ego. That said, it’s a significant amount: Existing prototypes are functioning and production and supply have been planned.

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