Review: Automatically resize images on the fly with Robosizer

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If you are in the habit of sending images by email, you will know what an absolute pain in the neck it is to go through the tedious process of resizing them to send. It takes up precious timethat  could be better spent using, looking at cute cat pictures on Reddit. You know, more important stuff.

Robosizer is a free software app that sits in your Windows tray, and detects when you are sending an image via one of its supported email programs. When it does it will automatically resize the image for you (leaving the original image intact), according to the pre-set sizes that you specified in the settings beforehand. Robosizer really is a “set-and-forget-it” type of program. Pretty soon, you’ll forget that it is even there (if you switch the notification balloons off).

When Robosizer detects that an image is being sent, it will resize it to the specifications you set, and you will receive a notification bubble telling you it is being done

Installation is a breeze, with no devious toolbars or other nasty software trying to sneak in. When the installation has been completed, however, you will be invited to enter a serial code. It looks as if Robosizer used to be a paid app, but it’s now free. So look in your installation folder, and you will see a text file with a free activation code. Just enter that and you’ll be good to go. The developer has assured me that this minor nuisance will be removed soon.

When you start it up, you will see a little robot face sitting in your Windows tray. Right-click that and choose the settings. It’s here that you need to set up your “profiles” – in other words, the settings for each program. A wide range are covered, (including Firefox, Gmail and Skype) so you are sure to find a few things there that you already use. At the time of writing, Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 is not supported, but the developer is working on fixing that.

Robosizer works with a wide range of popular services such as Gmail, Facebook, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Outlook and many others..

To set up your profile, drop the menu down and choose one. If your program is not there (and Robosizer supports it), click “new”, type the name of the program, and a new profile will be set up for you. You will then see boxes for the “max image width” and “max image height”. You can enter either one or both, in pixels. You can also specify whether or not the height or width should be “enforced”. By that, it means that when resizing, do you want it to specifically focus on the width, the height, or neither? Then specify which file types will be resized (there’s a startling lack of support for GIF images). Rinse and repeat for other profiles. When they have all been completed, click “close” for Robosizer to go back to snoozing in the Windows tray, waiting for an image.

When it spots an image being attached to an email, Robosizer will spring into action, resizing the image and inserting it into your email message. You will get a notification balloon telling you it’s currently going on  and your original image stays in its original location with its size untouched. The resized version sits in Robosizer’s cache folder (the location of which you will find in the “program settings” tab of the Robosizer app). Bear in mind though that these resized images are deleted when you “exit the program or restart the computer”. So if you want to keep copies, do it right away.

I test a lot of stuff out for PC World and I mostly delete it all afterwards when the review is done. But Robosizer is staying put on my computer as it is extremely useful. No longer will I gnash my teeth in frustration when I realize that the enormous David Hasselhoff picture I want to send to someone is needs to be resized. Robosizer, my new friend, will take care of that for me. Thanks Robosizer. You’re my pal. But you won’t be my  BFF until you get along with GIF images.

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At a Glance
  • Free app Robosizer sits in your Windows tray and automatically resizes images to your pre-set specifications as they are being sent.


    • Extremely useful app
    • Compatible with a wide range of popular software apps and email services
    • Switch between profiles in the Windows tray depending on your current action


    • No support at all for GIF images
    • Also currently no support for Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8
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