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From unexpected genre mashups to games where everything changes every 10 seconds, this week’s free games are about not doing what you expect them to do.

Super Ninja Slash

You don’t get much more unexpected than ninja attacks and Super Ninja Slash has those in spades. In fact, unexpected needs to be your stock in trade because if any of the guards in Super Ninja Slash see you they’ll instantly and graphically fill you full of lead. Luckily, your training as a ninja has given you the dashing and wall climbing skills you’ll need to evade and destroy your enemies.

Unnamed Dungeon Game

Unnamed Dungeon Game is the first of two not particularly creatively named dungeon games we’ve got this week from Kongregate’s recent “Game in 10 Days” challenge to build a dungeon-themed game in a week and a half. What the game lacks in a creative title in makes up for with creative gameplay mechanics, asking you to explore a dungeon where you can rearrange the tiles that make up each floor yourself to continue your dungeon crawling exploits.


Chaotic on the other hand is an incredibly aptly-named game. At first the game is a simple “avoid the enemies till time runs out” game you’ve seen a 1000 times before, but then 10 seconds pass and everything changes. While avoiding enemies is still the name of the game what the enemies look like and do, what weapons you’ve got and how they fire and even the size and shape of your character will change and you’ll have to adapt, fast or start over from the beginning.


I usually stick to browser games here on Free Game Friday to ensure everyone can access all our games, but every once in a while a game comes along that’s worth installing some extra software. Luckily most of you probably already have everything you need to play Arena.XIsm, an RPG made and playable entirely within Microsoft Excel. While the feature list of 8 levels, 4 endings and thousands of randomized encounters may not sound all that impressive on its own, the fact that the game with all its randomized weapons and foes is taking place entirely within a spreadsheet makes it a pretty remarkable feat of game design.

Dungeon Blocks

Dungeon Blocks is a game about building dungeons by being bad at Tetris. You play as a wizard trying to seal away an ancient evil by dropping blocks to build the dungeons to trap them. but—unlike regular Tetris—your goal is to build holes, not lines, that make space for the many evil imps and demons that you’ve got to contain. It’s not the most difficult game you’ll play this week, but teaching yourself to play Tetris “wrong” after years of training with the original is a surprisingly hard leap to make.

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