Attack of the 'iPad-Killers' — 32 Tablets, Slates, Pads and More

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Best Buy Rocketfish Tablet

Availability: Unknown
OS: Android 2.2?
Screen size: nine inches or thereabouts?
Price: Unknown
What else: We’ll know more as Best Buy’s CTO tweets it, apparently–this product from Best Buy’s house brand hasn’t been announced, but he keeps teasing his followers with tidbits.
More info: Lilliputing writes about the gizmo here.

Cisco Cius

Availability: First quarter of 2011
OS: Android
Screen size: 7?
Price: Unknown
What else: As you’d expect from Cisco, it has a business focus, does video conferencing, and turns into a VoIP phone when you stick it in its dock. For my money, this might be the iPadversary with the most promise.
More info: Here’s Cisco’s Cius announcement.

Dell Streak

Availability: Now (as of August 12th)
OS: Android 1.6 at first; 2.2 later this year
Screen size: 5?
Price: $249.99 with a two-year AT&T contract; $549.99 a la carte
What else: You could make the case that the Streak is an iPhone alternative, not an iPad rival–with its 5? screen, it’s (barely) pocketable, and it has built-in 3G voice capability. But Dell is pitching it as a data device you can make phone calls on, not a phone you can do data on.
More info: I find it kind of intriguing.

Dell Windows Slate

Availability: This year
OS: Windows 7
Screen size: Unknown
Price: Unknown
What else: This is one of numerous Windows 7 slates promised for 2010 in a July Steve Ballmer speech. Ballmer said that some of these devices would have keyboards and/or pens, and some would be aimed at consumers while others would target big businesses–but he didn’t say anything about specific products and their features.

EnTourage eDGe

Availability: Now
OS: Android 1.6
Screen size: It’s got two of ‘em: a 10.1? LCD touchscreen and a 9.7? E-Ink touchscreen. It also has a stylus.
Price: $539
What else: The eDGe is a “dualbook”–an e-reader on its left side and a touch tablet on its right side. It’s got its own app store and e-book store.
More info: Engadget didn’t find it terribly satisfying.

ExoPC Slate

Availability: Early September
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium with proprietary layer
Screen size: 11.6?
Price: $599
What else: Engaget tried one and thought the display was crummy but was favorably impressed by what it called the “Connect Four” interface.
More info: The ExoPC site is here (it’s not clear how up-to-date it is)

Fujitsu Windows Slate

Availability: This year
OS: Windows 7
Screen size: Unknown
Price: Unknown
What else: Another product from the long list promised by Steve Ballmer last month. Unlike many of the companies planning to jump into the slate PC game, Fujitsu is an old hand at making keyboardless Windows computers.

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