Attack of the 'iPad-Killers' — 32 Tablets, Slates, Pads and More

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Fusion Garage JooJoo

Availability: now
OS: Linux
Screen size: 12.1?
Price: $499
What else: It began its odd life as a computer TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington wished he could buy, the CrunchPad. Then it became the subject of a bizarre corporate dispute. When it finally shipped as the JooJoo it got devastating reviews. Rumor a while back was that sales were in the dozens; Fusion Garage is insistent that sales are…increasing. Unlike other devices here, the JooJoo is basically a browser in a box–it doesn’t have apps, let alone an app store.
More info: Here’s the JooJoo site.

HP Windows Slate

Availability: Fall 2010
OS: Windows 7
Screen size: 8.9?
Price: At one point, it was allegedly going to start at $549
What else: The star of Steve Ballmer’s CES 2010 keynote went into mysterious limbo and will now supposedly ship later this year as a product for large companies.
More info: Here’s a video demo, made back when HP was not only willing to talk about this product but was lavishing it with hype.

HP “PalmPad”

Availability: Rumor has it that it’ll ship in the first quarter of 2011
Screen size: Unknown
Price: Unknown
What else: HP hasn’t said much other than that it intends to build a tablet device using its newly-acquired Palm WebOS. “PalmPad” is the rumored name; additional gossip has it that it will use a Wacom-style digital pen to permit note-taking.
More info: PCWorld’s Tony Bradley tried his hand at comparing HP’s Windows and WebOS devices.

Lenovo “LePad”

Availability: Late 2010, although it’s not clear it’ll be sold anywhere but China
OS: Android
Screen size: Unknown (at least to me–I’m not positive that the photo here is of this particular Lenovo device)
Price: Unknown
What else: VentureBeat’s story on LePad mentions another Lenovo device whose fate is unclear–the U1, which is one-half netbook, one-half tablet. It’s not in this list because it has a physical keyboard.
More info: Here’s a Reuters story.

MSI WindPad 100

Availability: This year
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium with a “Wind Touch” interface layer
Screen size: 10?
Price: Approximately $499
What else: A photo of the side of the device at Trusted Reviews makes it look terrifyingly thick.
More info: Joanna Stern of Engadget shares some first impressions (“incredibly sluggish”).

MSI WindPad 110

Availability: This year, or possibly never, depending on which MSI employee you ask
OS: Android 2.1
Screen size: 10?
Price: $399?
What else: As you can see from the photos, the industrial design is different from MSI’s Windows-based WindPad 100.
More info: TweakTown has a video hands-on.

Marvell “Moby” Tablet

Availability: This year
OS: Android
Screen size: I’m not sure (and it might vary)
Price: Starting at $99
What else: This isn’t a specific product–it’s Marvell’s reference design for extremely low-cost tablets which will be built by other companies using Marvell chips. The company hopes resulting products will be affordable enough for use by public schools.
More info: Hey, I was the first person to write about Moby (although at the time I didn’t know the code name or the $99 price point).

Motorola-Verizon TV tablet

Availability: Fall 2010 or next year, depending on who you believe; neither Motorola nor Verizon has acknowledged its existence
OS: Android (possibly version 3.0 “Gingerbread”)
Screen size: 10?
Price: Unknown
What else: The Financial Times has reported that it will be thinner and lighter than the iPad and will sport two cameras.
More info: BGR has also reported on the device.

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