Kia shows off its Android-based infotainment system at New York Auto Show

The 2013 New York International Auto Show is in full swing this week, showcasing cars and trucks of all makes and models, and technology is taking center stage. Many cars, from lower-priced Kias up through luxury BMWs, boast a high-tech infotainment system as a key part of the pitch for drivers. Cloud-based services, Android, and smartphones are being integrated into car systems—Honda has even introduced a vacuum to clean up after the kids.

In this video, we’ll take a look at the Android-based platform Kia is using in the infotainment system in its 2014 Soul. The car starts at $17,500. Kia says this is the first Android platform in its cars; more significantly, Kia’s Henry Bzeih says the Android platform “is going to be the enabler for many things for the future.”

The video also takes a look at Kia’s 2014 Sorrento, which lets users plug an Android-based phone or an iPhone into the car’s UVO system to access 11 different applications ranging from roadside assistance to a parking minder.

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