Free Game Friday: Play as Tim Schafer

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This week’s collection of free games lets you play your city as a video game, pilot a swarm of bees and even lets you live a day in the life of Double Fine founder Tim Schafer. Truly, games make whatever you can imagine possible. Sorry, did that sound sarcastic enough?

Fear Less

Fear Less is a game about outrunning death, and it makes it seem as impossible as it sounds. At first you’ll be lucky to last 10 seconds against the barrage of obstacles that damage you and let death catch up, but you’ll also collect dream coins that let you upgrade yourself until eventually escaping death is within your grasp.

Click that ‘Hood

If you just moved and want to know your city better or if you’ve lived there forever and want to prove your mastery try Click that ‘Hood, a Code for America game that has you identifying the different neighborhoods of your town by memory. If your hometown is a little too easy for you, the game has over 80 cities that you can play and that number is growing all the time.

Swarm Racer

Swarm Racer is a game where you play as a swarm of bees. I really wish my editor would just let me stop typing there because that ought to be cool enough, but by having you play as a swarm all kinds of mechanics are available to you. To finish a level you have to collect every marker on the level, and some rooms have hundreds of them but you can also expand your swarm to make it easy to collect dozens of them at once and then collapse the swarm again to let you fit down narrow hallways and passages.


Ending is an odd title for a game that, well, doesn’t have an ending. It’s still a fun game though; your goal is to kill all the enemies and advance to the exit before you run out of moves. If you move into an enemy, they die. If they move into you, you die. Luckily, enemies move in a predicable pattern which turns destroying them all into more of a puzzle game than anything else.

Host Master Deux: Quest for Identity

Host Master Deux is a Tim Schafer adventure game where you play as Tim Schafer who’s forced to convince a bouncer at GDC that he is in fact Tim Schafer. If that concept weren’t funny enough the game is also from Major Bueno, whose previous games Caesar’s Day Off and Drop a Beat, Giuseppe have also made Free Game Friday in the past.

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