How to control your PC with your Android phone

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One of these geeks has configured their router to allow them to stream a ripped copy of their Avengers Blu-ray to their phone.

Again, all routers are different, so I can’t give you precise directions here. You’ll want to find the option within your router configuration page for Port Forwarding, then add the relevant ports (select Both for TCP and UDP, if given the option) for your PC. Those ports for the remote services we’ve covered are as follows (if you’re asked to input a range, for example, “port from” and “port to,” just enter the same number for both values):

Wake-on-LAN: 9

VNC: 5900

VLC: 8080

Unified Remote: 9512

Save those settings, step outside with your phone, try to connect using your global IP in any of the above software programs, and you ought to be in business.

Look at that—I started out writing an article about TV remotes and I ended with you getting out of the house. That’s sickening. I’m really not recommending you get any sort of sunburn—I just want you to be able to annoy people by showing off your ability to control your computer from across the room, presumably because you’re too smart/lazy to get up. 

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