The Web's most bizarre 'Game of Thrones' fan fiction

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Game of Thrones, the popular HBO series, will eventually run out of source material. However, just because George R. R. Martin’s books will end one day, that doesn't mean the Thrones universe has to. The show’s producers may find inspiration to continue in wild, unprecedented directions, as suggested by the unfathomably expansive world of online Thrones fan fiction. But they probalby won't, because some of this stuff is, well, let's charitably call it "creative."

Fan fiction is a surreal corner of the Internet where devotees can gather to share their original takes on their favorite movies, TV shows, and comics, expressing ideas that exist beyond the borders of the original source material (sometimes far beyond).

While Hollywood and the traditional publishing industry are hampered by things like budgets, copyrights, and the scrutiny of critics and the public at large, the online fan-fiction community is free to experiment with all manner of strange crossovers, bizarre side stories, and inexplicable sexual trysts that are in no way hinted at in the original material.

Along those lines, here are just a few of the most unusual visions from Game of Thrones fan fiction. Some of these creations may just encourage the show’s producers to keep the world moving on into brave new territory.

(Note: We didn't include some of the more explicit GoT erotica, of which you can find volumes, though some of the links may lead to NSFW material.)

Iron Man of Winterfell

(Iron Man/GoT crossover)

Cliff’s Notes: Author magsofthemuses imagines an alternate universe where playboy billionaire Tony Stark becomes the Lord of Winterfell with his trusty cybernetic direwolf, JARVIS, by his side. It's basically the same as the origin story from the Iron Man movie, except that the character escapes from the terrorist training camp and returns to his home in Westeros. And Tony’s last name is Stark, so there is a certain logic in the whole endeavor.

Tony had thought his time as a prisoner in a cave had been bad but this trapped, wandering the desert like some sort of Moses was some fresh hell. He had absolutely no idea where he was, where he was headed or how far he was from the nearest martini. It was a good thing he had access to the best doctors from across Westeros because skin cancer was definitely in his near future.

Helen Sloane/HBO
Tyrion Lannister, hater of vegetables.

Garden of Vines

(Game of Thrones: The College Years)

Cliff’s Notes: Although Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon were never able to express their forbidden love in public, the bond between them was true. The TV series does not explain how Loras first met Renly, but one fan-fictioner shared a vision of how the star-crossed lovers met in in college, at Westeros University. All of your other GoT favorites are present too, including Jamie Lannister, Robb Stark, and campus director Dr. Selyse Baratheon. (Side note: You can find a lot of Loras and Renly fan fiction out there).

It seemed wherever Loras went Renly was there. He was either already there or ended up there. Every time, he went out of his way to flirt with Loras. Loras had become accustomed to his presence and was annoyed by him consistently calling him a playful nickname.

Hunger Game of Thrones

(Hunger Games/GoT crossover)

Cliff’s Notes: President Snow from The Hunger Games travels though time and dimensions into Westeros, and teaches King Joffrey about his novel method for keeping his fearful subjects in line. He finds in the young king an eager pupil.

“I am from a place you have never heard of, a time you will never live in. It would be impossible for me to explain. I rule a land, and this technique has always worked. I came to you because your situation reminds me of my own, and your enemies’ of mine as well. Please read the letter I have given you, for it is too much to explain in words. I must go back to my home, now, but my grace, I wish you the best of luck.…”

“Wait,” cried the king, “what is the name of your strategy?”

The man turned around. “I call it the Hunger Games.” And with that, President Snow walked out through the giant metal doors.

Vegetables, Tennis Balls, Wallet, and Watch

(Game of Thrones: The Wonder Years)

Cliff’s Notes: A look at the Lannister children during their formative years under the rule of their stern but caring single parent, Tywin. As with many households, dinnertime at the Lannisters’ has become a source of tension, such as in this scene, where Tywin tries desperately to coax his children into eating their vegetables.

Dinner was almost over, the three Lannister children rose from their seats.

“Sit down.” Said Lord Tywin who then took a sip of his wine. “You haven't eaten any of your vegetables.” He put down his glass and stood up. “Lannisters always eat their vegetables. Now go on, clean your plates or none of you will get the comfort of a bed tonight.”

The Westeros City Chronicles

(GoT noir)

Cliff’s Notes: This bit of Thrones noir, still in progress, promises to relate the tales of police commissioner Ned Stark as he navigates the hard streets and political intrigue of Westeros City.

A rich man with his toys, patting himself on the back from the top floors of his shining hill of steel and glass high above the rest of society, only to return home to a frigid wife and plotting children waiting for him to croak. A common man trying to pay an apartment rent, with a slutty wife, and a couple of snot nose kids who watch their old man hit the bottle almost as much as he hits his wife, and certainly the bum on the street, panhandling, down on his luck from his last bought behind bars, or in the casino taking the dirty jobs that will pay for their vices.

She’s a marvelous beauty, she’s an ugly diseased thing …

Welcome to Westeros City

Summer Sea

(A friendship chronicle)

Cliff’s Notes: The story of Robb Stark and Theon Greyjoy meeting as children in modern times down by the beach, where they become fast friends. It may lack some of the sex, violence, and conflict that GoT fans have come to expect, but sometimes a nice story about a budding friendship will suffice.

Robb doesn't look as surprised as he should when Theon tells him that Marily is a sea turtle that likes to swim at a small hidden bay Theon visits whenever he can. The two boys climb down the stony steps of a hill that lead to the bay. “Don't tell anyone about it.", Theon reminds the eldest Stark son. Robb looks him in the eyes. “Don't worry, I won't.” And Theon believes him.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then these amateur tales should have George R. R. Martin blushing. Or something. While there are at least another four television seasons still to come out of the original novels, the fan fiction community shows us that no beloved story ever truly has to end.

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