Will the iPhone Morph into the 'iWallet'?

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Married now to its iAd service and moving to widen its available range of cloud-based services it becomes pretty clear Apple seeks to get to the very top of innovation in the mobile industry.

Security Guard

With Remote Wipe and the development of touch-based fingerprint recognition technology for the iPhone (below), Apple is looking to develop rock hard security protection for people's iPhones.

"The abstract for the July 2nd filing states that a device, such as an iPhone perhaps, could "store user input signatures, including fingerprint signatures. The user input signatures can, in turn, be associated with user-selectable commands. When a user provides user input (including fingerprints) to the electronic device that matches one of the stored user input signatures, the device can initiate the associated user-selectable command."Source

Technologies like these will be essential if Apple is to deliver the kind of NFC-based personalized services the iPhone will be capable of.

Once these security considerations are met, Apple will begin to introduce and develop solutions based on NFC.

Speed Demon

The next-gen iPhone is likely to see an Apple-developed processor based on ARM's Cortex-A9 -- or its follow-up, code-named 'Eagle'. Faster and even more power efficient than the chip at the heart of the iPhone 5 (and iPad and in future the iPod touch), this chip features multiple cores with a top speed of up to 2GHz.

With this kind of on-chip horsepower combined with a focus on low power demands, Apple has the building blocks it needs to implement new electrical sensors in future devices.

That's even before you end up with this gadget.

One day your phone will be your wallet. Is this a vision of a triumphant future, or a step into a plutocratic technology-driven hell? Let me know.

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