Mind-controlled helicopter takes some serious brain power

Puzzlebox Productions and its mind-controlled helicopter are easy to spot at tech events like this week’s Robot Block Party at Stanford University. After all, the company’s Puzzlebox Orbit is the device that’s whirling above everybody’s heads—provided the person controlling it is concentrating hard enough.

The Puzzlebox Orbit and the app that helps control it.

The Orbit pairs up with a NeuroSky EEG Mindwear mobile headset which communicates with a mobile app. The headset communicates brain activity to that app loaded onto a phone. Give your brain a challenge and your brain activity goes up, eventually triggering the helicopter, which is linked to the phone through infrared.

(If this sounds familiar, Puzzlebox has demoed the Orbit at shows like the CES 2013 event in Las Vegas this past January.)

The entire package—Orbit, headset, and infrared transmitter—sells for $189.

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