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Picplz simplifies the process of uploading pictures to Twitter and Foursquare. After taking a picture with the app, it uses your phone GPS to guess where you are by listing nearby commercial establishments. You can also opt to have it not specify location. You can use your touchscreen to tag people in the photo. You can also add a caption, elect to send the photo to Twitter or Foursquare, and upload it. Once it's uploaded, you will have the picture in your Picplz account, as well as a Twitter and/or Foursquare update.

From the menu, you can also go to the photo archives for your account, and set Picplz to automatically start up when you press the camera button on your phone.

Although Picplz is easy and straightforward to use, I found it somewhat confusing at first, since there is no help menu to explain the process. Instead, you are simply expected to figure it out on your own. Although you can edit a photo caption after upload, you cannot tag the photo after the fact. Another odd quirk is that most picture-viewing programs for your computer will not recognize the pictures in the Picplz directory, so you will have to manually transfer them to your computer. And those of you hoping to use Picplz for other social media Websites are out of luck--you can use it only for Twitter and Foursquare right now.

By far the most problematic aspect of Picplz is that its upload speed is painfully slow. In San Francisco, several minutes could elapse before a picture uploads. When I tried Picplz in areas with worse coverage, uploads could sometimes take over an hour. By comparison, although my Web browsing experience was slower than usual, I was able to visit different Websites without contemplating how to pass the time while the load took place. While Picplz might save you a couple of steps when uploading pictures, it isn't necessarily going to save you any time.

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At a Glance
  • A good concept for an app is marred by slow upload speeds.


    • Automates the process of uploading photos from your phone to Twitter and Foursquare.


    • Glacial photo upload speeds.
    • Photos stored by the app are not recognized by most desktop photo viewers.
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