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The World Cup may be over, but the world of professional association football (or as we in the States call it, soccer) is ever active. As I write this, the qualifiers for the Euro 2012 Cup have commenced, and, yes, that is most definitely crazy early. Here in the U.S., many fun, friendly international matches have been taking place, and Major League Soccer is in midseason. In fact, most countries have national tournaments going on all the time. For dedicated fans, exciting soccer matches are always happening somewhere.

In Europe, certain TV channels are dedicated to soccer matches 24 hours a day. In this country, we don't have that kind of luxury and have to be a little more resourceful. The Internet and improved live streaming technology help, but some matches will always be too inconveniently timed to watch. If I had a dream app, it would list the sports bars in my area, show which games they would be playing, and say how big the TV screens are.

Soccer Livescores keeps you up-to-date on all the games you are unable to watch. The app lists all games occurring on any given day, along with the time of the match (set to your time zone), and you can scroll to the left or right to find yesterday's scores. It also auto-updates, and you can tailor the update times from one minute to an hour depending on how important it is to you to be immediately informed of match results.

For me, minute-to-minute updates are excessive and disrupt browsing through matches, so I prefer the relatively more leisurely pace of half-hour updates. You can also limit the information available--something you will probably want to do, given the number of games to look through. So if you aren't interested in a particular national tournament, you could filter those results out. Because so many matches are going on somewhere, such filters can be fairly time-consuming to set up initially, but it is probably worthwhile if you want to follow only a few tournaments. Alternatively, you can set a filter so that only live games are shown, although this prohibits you from viewing older matches.

Soccer Livescores also has a form of betting that is, as far as I can tell, just virtual betting. That strikes me as a bit like drinking nonalcoholic beer, so I chose not to investigate.

Although there is an option to follow teams, selecting it doesn't seem to affect the presentation of information at all. I also occasionally ran into problems, such as the screen just going blank when I hit the back button. But even with those minor issues, Soccer Livescores is a must-have app for fans of the beautiful game.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Soccer LiveScores

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