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The Digg app is another way to read the social news Website. For those unfamiliar with Digg, Web content that appears on Digg is ranked by user popularity. So whatever is highly rated by Digg's users is what you see. Topics range from the political controversy of the day, to the hottest cheerleading teams, to an article about a monkey with a red beard, get the idea.

The goal of this app is pretty straightforward: to create an easy-to-read format that is better than viewing the Website on your phone's native Web browser. Unfortunately, the Digg app does not deliver the goods. Browsing through the available articles is easy enough, but when trying to actually read those articles, you run into a lot of problems.

For starters, loading takes forever, longer than it would take to read the articles on Android's Web browser. Then the app delivers the Web page of the content--in all its unformatted glory. To make matters worse, the zoom-in-and-out buttons are awkwardly located in the top right corner of the screen, rather than at the bottom of the browser. If that isn't inconvenient enough, the button that zooms out (to display the entire Web page) is just above the zoom-in button. And when I tried to rate articles, the app frequently crashed.

All of the bugs and awkwardnesses of the Digg app are very baffling, since Digg has a perfectly serviceable mobile Website you can visit at The articles are still unformatted, but at least everything works, and the articles load up fairly quickly. When you go there, it will ask if you would like to download the Digg Android app. I would strongly recommend that you select "No thanks."

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Digg

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