Windows Phone 8 users can now use Tumblr on the go

Windows Phone 8 users can now Tumbl on the go. (Tumble? Use Tumblr.)

The social blogging platform on Tuesday released its first Windows Phone app . I quickly downloaded Tumblr on a Nokia Lumia 920 on Tuesday and found that it looks fairly similar to the iOS version (slate blue background, same fonts), though the section titles (Dashboard, tags) have the signature WP8 style.

The new app's blogging icons.

The real difference in the Windows Phone 8 version of Tumblr is the way it appears on your home screen.

When I navigated out of the app and pinned it to my start screen, the last image I viewed in the app appeared on the Tumblr tile. Images from Tumblr can also appear on your lock screen.

Those are neat visual features that separate the live, personalized design of Windows Phone 8 from other mobile operating systems.

Going mobile

Tumblr, like other social networks, is expanding its mobile presence, so apps on all platforms fit with that strategy. The company said Monday it will begin rolling out ads (essentially promoted posts on your Dashboard) on the mobile version of its site as well as within the iOS and Android apps. (Presumably the WP8 app will also be included in that ad rollout).

These are the “first of many” ad launches Tumblr has planned this year, Tumblr vice president of sales Lee Brown said in a Monday blog post.

Microsoft's style guidelines are apparent in Tumblr's app.

Top-tier apps have trickled into Microsoft’s mobile app store in the months since its launch, and Tumblr is the latest to finally offer up a WP8 app. Spotify and Pandora also recently introduced Windows Phone 8 apps.

But Windows Phone is only adding to its store what iOS and Android have had for years. Windows Phones such as the Nokia Lumia 920 have their fans, but without a robust app store, it continues to be difficult for Microsoft to woo users away from other operating systems.

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