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ColorNote Notepad Notes

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Getting a handle on how to use ColorNote take a minute, but it proves to be a decent organizational notepad app with some basic calendar features. ColorNote can create notepads and lists whose items you can shift up or down as needed. ColorNote assigns a color to each notepad or list you create in the program, so you can use color-coding as a way to organize your notes. For example, you might use red notes for information about bills due, yellow notes for appointments, green notes for grocery lists, and so on. Though you may not need that degree of specificity for your notes, it is a very nice feature to have.

ColorNote lets you establish varying levels of access to information, which helps make it a more useful work tool. For sensitive information, you can set up a master password to lock and protect the note. The program permits you to share notes via e-mail or text messaging, and you can set up alerts to remind you of time-sensitive notes. After completing a task that you created a note for, you can scratch the note off, indicating that the task is done.

Sorting through notes is easy with this app. You can organize notes alphabetically, by color, by reminder time, or by most recent update; and you can search them by keyword. If you click on a color it will display all the notes of that type. Switch view to display the dates of the different notes.

Unfortunately some features of ColorNote are not very intuitive. From the settings, it wasn't clear to me what 'Use ColorDict', 'Edit Title', and 'Auto Word Selection' meant. And as I played around with these features, I didn't notice any significant difference between when they were checked and when they were unchecked. Perhaps that isn't important though. Overall, ColorNote seems to be a useful notepad tool.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder ColorNote Notepad Notes

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