Free Game Friday: Yetis, ninja and more

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Good morning! Do you love games you can play in your browser that are also free? Then you're in luck, because I have some games for you about quixotic snowbeasts and the remarkable depths of difficulty that can be plumbed with the simple act of pressing a button. Let's go!

Yeti Yeti Yeti Yeti

Yeti Yeti Yeti Yeti probably should have been in last week’s roundup of utterly bizarre games. You play a yeti and you keep picking up sheep and returning them to their mother…or something. And an unseen narrator keeps asking if you are satisfied yet until it finally leaves you alone to start playing the game for real and it becomes even weirder…or something. I’m still not totally sure I understand what’s going on in Yeti Yeti Yeti Yeti but trying to figure it out is both exhilarating and mildly terrifying.

Ghost Hacker 2

At first Ghost Hacker 2 looks like a traditional tower defense game with a cyberpunk theme, and about half the time it is. The other half of the time, the game flips the formula on its head and has you play the invading force trying to force your way past preset towers before you run out of troops and lose the level. This simple side-switching provides a nice break from the tower upgrading monotony of traditional tower defense games.


ButtonX20 is a game about pushing a button 20 times. Sounds easy enough, right? Here's the thing: pushing that button gets a little bit harder to figure out every time you do it. It’s a platformer and a puzzle game in one and, if things get too rough, it’s kind enough to provide a walkthrough for you to help with the tougher puzzles.


Bayoon is a weird Japanese game about bouncing a ball. You’ve got to click a ball to bounce it back up in the air before it hits the bottom of your screen. Click it multiple times to make it fly higher and earn more points. Occasionally, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear because the game is in japanese and kind of odd, you’ll unlock bonus items that will fall from the sky and you have to balance collecting them with making sure the ball gets bounced again. Considering how simple the mechanic is and how little I understood what was going on, I was really shocked how much I ended up enjoying Bayoon.


Considering how few people have played Ikaruga I should probably stop describing things as “Like Ikaruga but…” except Monopoley is Ikaruga but with magnets. Pink and purple spheres fall down from the top of the screen and by flipping the polarity of your character you’ll repel one and attract the other. Since you don’t want to be hit by EITHER your power comes from strategically switching modes repelling larger spheres to push the smaller ones away. Good luck!

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