Play This! Podcast: Monaco, Bravest Warriors, and the clothes they wear on TV

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Carlos is just getting over being sick, so luck for you, his voice is all low and raspy and cool sounding. After waxing poetic about how great Monaco is, and pointing out that the makers of Adventure Time have an even better show on YouTube, the gang talks about buying merchandise from your favorite shows, and wearing the clothes that TV characters wear.

Links from this episode:

  • If you're not playing Monaco, you should be.
  • Chloe Moretz stars in a remake of Carrie. Not a movie that needed to be remade, but it looks good nonetheless.
  • Brian Fuller's Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls are great examples of TV shows that are otehr-worldly fairy tales, but feel grounded and "real."
  • The Amazon orginal series Betas should be awful—it's about silicon valley startups—but it's actually quite good.
  • If you like Adventure Time, you'll love the YouTube series Bravest Warriors.
  • If you ever want to get that t-shirt Abed wore on Community, or the pantsuit Leslie Knope had on in this week's episode of Parks and Rec, check out
  • The documentary about the transformation of Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion, Reincarnated, is worth watching. Also, Snoop gave Carlos the name "LO$."
  • Poker Night at the Inventory 2 lets you play Texas Hold 'em with Brock Samson (Venture Bros.), Claptrap (Borderlands), Ash (Evil Dead), and Sam (Sam & Max). And the dealer is GlaDOS (Portal)!

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