Interactive animation shows every meteor we’ve seen in the last 1152 years

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Back in February, the giant Chelyabinsk meteorite just about exploded over central Russia, serving as a rude awakening that these falling space rocks can do some serious damage. A week later, we got another reminder almost everywhere on our planet has been pelted by these falling alien stones.

If that was not enough to make you squirm in your seat, a data designer named Carlo Zapponi has created a new meteor-centric animation called Bolides, named after the fireball-lke nature of these falling space rocks. This interactive animation makes the sky look like it’s raining hellfire and brimstone as it creates a timeline of every recorded meteorite that humans have seen hit the Earth since 861 AD.

In addition to watching the sky rain fire, you can get more details on any particular year to see the all its meteoric impacts at a glance. Meanwhile, clicking through for more details on a specific meteor will give you a link the original data from The Meteoritical Society used to assemble this animation, as well as a map of where it fell.

As scary as Bolides makes the night sky seem, this graphic only includes the 1042 meteorites that have we’ve seen since 861. But this absolutely pales in comparison to the total 34,513 meteorite collisions have been recorded by The Meteoritical Society dating back to the past 4500 years.


The giant Chelyabinsk meteorite, which fell over Russia earlier this year, isn’t included in the database quite yet. However, we do suggest you check out the massive 23-ton Sikhote-Alin meteorite that also fell over Russian in the 1947. Just be sure to promptly return to your meteor safe bunker—we know we will.

[Bolides via The Verge]

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