Wet Tech, Cont. -- 5 More Underwater Gadgets

Awesome tech for the pool, the beach, and 20,000 leagues under the sea ... and this time it's personal.

High-Definition Computer for Use in the Drink

Dive computers are an essential part of any professional diver's equipment roster. Unlike scuba diving itself, these dive computers have evolved quickly and tremendously well. The Mares Icon HD is pretty much the coolest of them all. Besides having a full-color LCD screen, this computer records up to 50 logbook dives. The Icon HD also uses a "Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model" algorithm which takes into account the possibility of microbubbles without compromising dive time. Pretty slick.

How About an HD Camcorder?

While there are a few handheld video cameras out there which are submersible, would you really want to take your chances with drowning your camera in salt water? Didn't think so. Check out the JVC Marine Case. This case is designed to fit a couple of JVC models and will protect your video camera down to 40 meters.

For Your Personal Lake

Then you need something absolutely ridiculous. Enter Aviva Sports Iceberg Inflatable Climbing Wall and Water Slide. For a mere $6,000, you can own a 14 foot inflatable iceberg. One side you scale; the other side you slide down. Nevermind the inherent danger this thing possesses - imagine having to blow this up! I get tired with my kid's water wings. All that said, looks like a ton of fun.

Pool Party Need Pizzazz?

So you have this lovely in-ground pool that you'd like to use as a giant disco ball. Boy, do we have the right product for you: the AquaGlow Underwater Light Show. This little device floats on the surface of the water and shoots out colorful beams of light to the bottom of your pool. You know, for $20, this is kinda nifty.

Great Underwater Gadget -- If it Works

As much fun as swimming is, getting water stuck in your ear canal really just bites. No other way to say it. But now help is on the way! Introducing the Mack's DryEar Portable & Rechargeable Ear Dryer. Place the device in your ear canal and within 80 seconds, a warm air flow will dry out your ear and make the world once again safe for democracy.

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