A last-minute Mother’s Day gift via Twitter to show Mom you didn’t (completely) forget her

It is going to happen. Millions of awful self-absorbed people will wake up in a panic on Sunday realizing that they completely forgot it was Mother’s Day! Thankfully, Coke Zero is teaming up with marketing agency Droga5 to help the forgetful offspring of America cobble together a last-minute present for Mom that will make it seem like they actually put some thought and effort into this year’s gift.

AND you can do it with little more than a tweet.

All she wants is a little something to know you remember her.

Beginning Sunday morning, self-centered children who tweet out the best reason for overlooking the day honoring the woman who brought them into this world while using the hashtag #motherpieces will be chosen to have one of 10 classically trained painters produce a portrait of their oblivious faces.

The framed pictures will even be delivered directly to Mom. It might be slightly late, but it’ll look like you are a thoughtful grateful person who is not at all completely absent-minded.

If you are among the lucky procrastinators who were just a little too busy to remember Mom this year, you will be asked to provide a photo of yourself and the art team will provide a painting with a quick turnaround. “Probably around 10 minutes,” Kevin Keith, group director of integrated marketing content for Coca-Cola North America commented to Adweek.

Just because you forgot to buy a gift—flowers, candy, something!—for Mom on time, it’s nothing a casual tossed-off tweet you write while still in your Sunday morning PJs can’t fix.

Shame on you.

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