Test your speed and stamina against a rodent on the Hamster Treadmill

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You think that you’re as fast and agile as they come just because you work out at the gym a few times a week? Maybe you need to test your skill against a hamster. Really.

The Hamster Treadmill is Daniel Bertner’s very geeky art project that consists of a hamster cage fitted with a wheel, along with a typical treadmill. The hamster wheel connects to the treadmill via an infrared-based tachometer, which measures the hamster wheel's revolutions per minute (RPM) in real time.

The RPM gets matched to the motor speed of the treadmill, so you end up running at the same pace at which the hamster spins its wheel.  This might sound good if you like a brisk run, but remember, this leaves the hamster with full control of the treadmill speed, and boy, do they like to run.

Hamster Treadmill from Daniel Jay Bertner on Vimeo.

According to Daniel, hamsters gain fulfillment from running in a wheel, much like how humans do when they run competitively—a “runner’s high” effect. However, hamsters will travel much farther in an average day relative to their size than a typical human will. The treadmill project looks at role reversal between the two creatures.

[Daniel Bertner]

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