T-Mobile Stores to Introduce the New Nokia Lumia 925

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Not long after rumors that Nokia’s new Lumia 928 would lead Verizon’s upcoming lineup, Nokia has announced details on their new Lumia 925, which will be debuting with T-Mobile.

The new Lumia 925 boasts an aluminum and polycarbonate body that’s both lighter and thinner than its predecessor, the 920.  The 925 delivers a 4.5 inch 1280x768 display and runs Windows 8 with a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.  Its design specs are an undeniable improvement on Nokia’s current offering, giving it a higher-end feel and appearance.  It will also have an improved software experience, particularly with camera operation.

T-Mobile made waves in March when they announced a shift to no-contract mobile plans, in addition to offering unlimited data.  These offerings disrupted the normal 2-year-contract and capped-data model.  Although they have the fewest number of subscribers amongst the top four carriers, T-Mobile’s no-contract mantra has gotten them a lot of attention.  The addition of a hotly anticipated, high-end smartphone like the 925 to their lineup may serve to reinforce their foothold.

The Lumia 925 is expected to carry a $600+ price tag when it lands in stores this summer.  Typically, no-contract cell phone plans offer minimal - if any - reductions on hardware costs, although they do provide financing plans which allow customers access to new smartphones without the extreme up-front cost. 


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