Petcube lets you entertain your cat with a laser pointer over the Web while you're at work

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Cats are idiots. Like epically stupid. If you point at something, instead of looking at what you’re pointing to, a cat will just sniff at your finger. That’s major league dumb. You can absolutely blow a kitten’s puny useless brain with little more than a laser pointer. To them, a moving red dot is a Super-Bowl-a-second of excitement. Simpletons.
A mock-up the Petcube app interface.

Unfortunately, humans have important things to do like going to work so we can’t always be home to play laser tag with our stupid pets. In order to bridge the gap between owners’ busy schedules and pets’ overall gullibleness, Petcube allows users to entertain their pets with a remote-controlled laser pointer over the Web.

The Petcube itself is a small 4-inch aluminum and glass cube equipped with a moveable webcam connected to a laser pointer. The cube streams live 720p video that you can connect to via a Web or mobile app interface. Additionally, the cube comes equipped with a speaker and microphone so you can yell at your cat if they’re about to do something like poop in the house plant (because cats are too stupid to know that’s not where they’re supposed to defecate).

Petcube will also have a social element that will enable you to give permission for other people to tease your cat over the Web with a tantalizing red dot that they can never ever catch no matter how nimbly they pounce. According to the Petcube site, there will be some public Petcubes that will be open for anyone to play with.
A prototype design for the Petcube.

From the images on the website, the Petcube, which is still in the prototype stage, is a stylish little piece of home hardware. The team behind the project claims they are working on a production-ready device and hopes to begin shipping them sometime this autumn. Interested users can sign up on the site to be notified when Petcubes will be available to ship.

This isn’t the first time someone has jumped into the world of mobile pet monitoring. For example, iPetcompanion is a more rudimentary technology that allows anyone in the world to operate Web-controlled remote cameras placed in Human Societies while activating various cat toys around the room. So, have fun with that on your lunch break. And, of course, various home monitoring set-ups can let you check in on whatever stupid nonsense your pet is up to when you are not around.

It’s not cats’ fault that they’re completely worthless in the brain department. Thankfully, technology will help make their empty vapid lives of pure amazement at every friggin’ thing that much better.

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