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Speedx 3D

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Speedx 3D is a simple game in graphics, control, and premise. The first-person gameplay consists of navigating an endless, colorful tubular structure while avoiding obstacles and using a few power-ups collected along the way. You tilt the handset to turn left or right, watching for hazards that include blackouts and shield-sapping poison clouds. Like many excellent games, Speedx 3D is based on a simple premise that quickly becomes addicting.

Since scoring depends on how long you can last before your shields run out and you crash through an obstacle, each game is a new chance to break your own record. The available difficulty levels ("Pure", "Easy", "Standard", and "Extreme") appear to define the speed of the game and the number of obstacles. When you feel like you've done well for yourself, compare your high score against those on the global leaderboard for your selected difficulty. You might be surprised how far you have to go before you're a Speedx master!

Though the graphics are simple, they're extremely well optimized for performance. Clean lines and bright colors make up a gridscape that moves at a high speed and a consistent frame rate. The sound effects are sparse, but high-quality. The accelerometer-based tilt control is extremely sensitive and precise. By default, the accelerometer is recalibrated at the start of every round (though you can turn this feature off), which means the control is just as good regardless of how you hold the handset.

Speedx 3D also has excellent music, which I find is particularly rare for a mobile game. With most games my first stop after the menu is to disable the music entirely, but Speedx 3D's pounding trance beat is the perfect accompaniment to the frantic action. Speedx 3D is a must-buy, and it retains a permanent spot on my home screen.

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At a Glance
  • Like many excellent games, Speedx 3D starts with a simple premise that quickly becomes addicting.

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