Wireless Charging Takes a Big Step Forward

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In an effort to streamline the development of wireless charging technology, Duracell subsidiary Powermat Technologies will merge with the Helsinki-based company PowerKiss.  Together, the two companies are responsible for thousands of public stations used to wirelessly charge mobile phones in the United States and Europe.  Until now, the conflicting systems used by each company have eliminated any benefit wireless charging technology might have for overseas travelers who rely on their smartphones.

The statement released today explains that eliminating those “incompatible standards” is the primary motivation of combining under the Powermat umbrella. With their forces joined, the two pioneers will be pushing forward with Powermat’s “PMA” standard, which has already been accepted by global leaders like General Motors, Starbucks, and Duracell.  Adding Powerkiss’ European presence to the PMA standard may well define it as the unofficial international standard for wireless charging.

Powermat has instituted PMA wireless charging stations in more than 1,500 retail locations including Starbucks and AT&T stores.  Likewise, Powerkiss has enabled wireless charging in more than 1,000 European locations, including McDonalds restaurants.  In a remarkable commitment to the future of the technology, the merging of these two companies will ultimately ensure consistency across international borders. 

This is a huge step for the burgeoning industry of wireless charging.  Our smartphones are heavily burdened with improving nearly every detail of our daily lives.  It’s a difficult task, even with vastly improved battery life aided by the efficient performance of processors like the Qualcomm Snapdragon.  For international travelers who already face issues with different outlets and service providers when they’re overseas, the introduction of seamless, consistent formats for wireless charging across the globe will be a big relief.

This story, "Wireless Charging Takes a Big Step Forward" was originally published by BrandPost.