LG Announces White Nexus 4, No Nexus 5

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White LG Nexus 4

In a spring season loaded with new entries into the smartphone market, LG has announced a new color for its prized Nexus 4 model.  It’s also been reported that the new white Nexus 4 will most likely be the end of the Nexus line, and that previous indications of an upcoming Nexus 5 were not accurate.

Delivering 1280x768 HD on a 4.7-inch screen and boasting Zerogap Touch technology powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the Nexus 4 is no slouch.  It has been a very successful device for LG, and a popular showcase of Google’s Android operating system.

With powerful new Android phones like the Samsung Google Edition, HTC One, and LG’s own Optimus Pro crowding the market, the Nexus exists in an increasingly competitive field.  In what has become somewhat common practice, the late release of a white version with identical specs to the black model may lead to a spike in sales.

Despite the Nexus 4’s success as LG’s flagship device, LG’s European VP Kim Won has said that in addition to not producing a Nexus 5, there is a possibility that the company may not produce any more Google devices at all.   LG later made a slight retraction to that statement, indicating it would not turn down the opportunity to work with Google again, but maintaining that a Nexus 5 would not benefit either of them.  If next flagship LG tablet or smartphone isn’t a Google device, it will likely operate on either Windows 8 or the Mozilla Firefox OS, since the company has not announced any plans to develop their own OS.

The white Nexus 4 will be released over the next few weeks in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. 

This story, "LG Announces White Nexus 4, No Nexus 5" was originally published by BrandPost.