Google's 'Roll It' transforms your phone and PC into a virtual skee ball game

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Prepare to waste some time today, though this game's a bit more difficult to hide from the boss than your average hand of Solitaire. Google's released a nifty little browser game dubbed Roll It, a virtual version of the classic skee ball game that shows what's possible when your phone and PC play nice together.

To get started, you need to bring up Roll It in your Chrome browser. Then on your phone’s browser, Chrome for Android or iOS (or the default browser will do too), you need to go to and enter a game code displayed on the computer’s screen. Once the computer and phone are paired, you’re ready to go.

At first you will be asked to select the number of players. Up to three can play, using the same phone in turns. You do so by tilting the phone, which makes an on-screen ball roll to your selection. In the game, an on-screen slider helps you aim, while swinging the phone throws the ball.

Roll It becomes increasingly complex the longer you play, with different hole positions and difficulties. You'll also find special balls like the Hover Ball, which stops mid-air and gives you a few seconds to redirect the ball to a precise hole.

Overall, the game is fun an engaging, and makes novel use of the phone and browser. What more can you ask for in a productivity vortex?


If you’re looking for yet more Google Chrome experiment fun, check out Racer, another new release from Google (though this one works on mobile devices).

Like Roll It, Racer is a simple game with a modern twist. It works with up to five phones or tablets, which you have to pair and line-up to form the race circuit. Then to play, you touch the screen to accelerate and lift your finger to break as you go around the corner, otherwise you’ll fly of the track.

Want more? Here’s another one: Jam with Chrome, for the more musically inclined. This one was launched in late 2012, but it’s still a fun browser app that lets you to play music in real time with friends from anywhere across the globe, with 19 instruments of choice and up to four buddies in a session.

Between these amusing Chrome distractions and the new Play Services for Android, Google definitely has its head in the game these days.

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